Building A Modular Home: Here’s What You Need To Know


Building a home is an exciting time in anyone’s life. The feeling of creating your own space, where you can raise a family and call it your own, brings with it many emotions that are difficult to put into words. But for all the excitement and anticipation there is also stress. Building a modular home takes some extra planning and consideration as well as some additional costs depending on which route you take – but here’s our guide to building a modular home so you’re ready for anything that comes your way!

Faster Construction Times

The biggest benefit of a modular home is the construction time. With traditional homes, building begins as soon as a contractor or developer has secured all necessary permits and land – sometimes more than 18 months in advance to get everything lined up properly. Modular homes allow for builders to assemble pre-built pieces at their plant before they are transported on site.

Inclusions That Complete Your Home

A modular home is essentially a house-in-a bin. This means that the builder has already included all of your major must-haves before you even arrive on site: kitchen, bathroom, electrical and plumbing systems. All appliances are also included in this prebuilt model so you have to do little more than plug everything in as soon.

Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Homes

Modular homes are built to last. They use the newest in energy-efficient building techniques and materials that not only save on home costs but also keep your carbon footprint at a minimum. Modularity offers homeowners an affordable, low-impact option when they’re ready for their next move up without sacrificing quality or style.

Flexible Design Options

Modular homes can be built modular or site-built. Modular construction offers homeowners the freedom to customize their home design and size, improve energy efficiency and save on a lot of time with faster development timelines. Site-built modularity is ideal for those who want all of the benefits that come from building a new home – without any compromises.

Finding the Right Fit for You

Whether you’re a first time homeowner or downsizing for retirement, there are plenty of reasons to choose modularity. If you’re looking to build higher density housing in the city, want an affordable option that minimizes traffic congestion on your commute home or would like to live closer to work, then Anchor Modular Homes could be the perfect choice for you!

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