Fathering Programs

(goodbeginnings.net.au is under new management, this article previously appeared on the old website and was not written by the new site owners.)

Good Beginnings in Hobart and Latrobe has been developing and testing strategies that specifically focus on the needs of fathers. Traditionally, although fathers are involved in antenatal classes, there has been little attempt to identify or meet their particular needs. In Hobart and Latrobe, the Good Beginnings coordinators have been working in partnership with the local hospitals. Good Beginnings is providing further specific antenatal classes at the hospitals in Hobart and Latrobe and environs. The Clarendon Vale Connect Dad’s Action Group is involved in community activities to develop closer links with children including a ‘Dads Day’ with their children and activities in the local school including wood work classes and volunteering in the primary school.

Due to the number of single fathers and families with complex needs the direction for the Latrobe Fathering Program has changed from mainly promotion and advocacy to professional intervention and support.