Front Door Plant Ideas: Best Plants for Your Entrance

green potted plants on brown wooden seat

Do you have a front door that needs some sprucing up? Maybe it’s time to put some plants in there! Plants can be used for many things, including decoration and improving air quality. In this blog post, we will discuss which plants are the best for your entrance.


When you walk up steps, the first thing that greets guests should be a beautiful arrangement of flowers. Try using different types in an eclectic mix for variety and interest.

A front entrance is usually one of the most visible parts of your home to visitors when it’s not behind closed doors. If you’re looking for some welcoming cheer on these dark winter days while getting ready to welcome friends over iced tea this holiday season – petunias are perfect! They can brighten up shady areas near entrances thanks their colorful blooms which grow low enough so sunlight passes through them easily; put them

English Ivy

English ivy is a great choice for those looking to frame their front door. They can plant it near the entrance or let it trail upwards from a pot or window box, and they’ll have an easy time because this trailing vine thrives in shady areas!

English Ivy will add style to your home’s entryway with its attractive leaves that provide cool shade on sunny days as well as vibrant color during different seasons of growth.

Tradescantia Zebrina

This plant easily adds color and life to any space, but make sure you have a good spot for it. The Old Farmer’s Almanac says that this trailing flower is great in shadier areas because of its vibrant colors; however, the same organization warns against letting these flowers become too shady as their stripes will start fading without enough light. Make your choice balancing between sun exposure and aesthetics–just be careful not to overplant on either end!

Boxwood Topiary

Keep it classic with these topiaries. They can be short and bushy or tall and pruned to make them more decorative, often you’ll see them cut into spirals! As an added bonus they’re low-maintenance in cold weather which is perfect for those of us who live up North where the winter months are not always ideal for gardening.

Umbrella Tree

The umbrella tree is a perfect plant for those who want their plants to be social media stars. It prefers bright indirect light and warmer temperatures, so you can get it the right amount of attention by rotating it regularly (every three months or when new buds form). You’ll also need to take care not to prune too much at once because its branches grow towards the sunlight in search of more exposure!

Bird of Paradise

Dazzle your guests with a tropical-inspired entrance. A bird of paradise plant is just the touch you need to add some vibrancy and color! While they can grow in sun or shade, make sure you put an orange bird of paradise in sunny areas if possible so it will really stand out during blooming season; otherwise bring them inside before winter hits for colder climates that go below 40 degrees Fahrenheit (-4 Celsius).

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