How to Block Light From Windows Without Curtains

How to Block Light From Windows Without Curtains

Having a healthy lifestyle can often be difficult to maintain when we have busy work schedules, however, taking some time out for our health- even if it is just for better focusing and concentration abilities- can improve our quality of life. Prevention from exposure to artificial light (i.e., sunlight) can help us regulate our natural sleep patterns by influencing circadian rhythm, melatonin production and sleep cycles. But do you know how to block light from windows without curtains?

Would you like to find out how you can achieve deep, restful sleep? Keep reading!

How to Block Light From Windows Without Curtains

Black-Out Shades

Not only does black absorb light, but it also looks great with any other color. Whether you’re styling your home or choosing an outfit, black is always a classic option.

Blackout shades or black roll-down curtains can achieve an elegant light blockage for any room. Blackout shades are a great way to prevent light from entering, creating a pleasantly dark room.

Put Up A Mesh Liner

How to Block Light From Windows Without Curtains

A mesh liner is a multi-purpose tool for the home – not only does it block out light, but it can also keep insects and flies from entering. When selecting a window mesh liner, material is an important factor to consider. It is available in various materials like plastic wired mesh liner, iron wired mesh liner, aluminum wired mesh liner, and copper wired meshliner.

Aluminum wire mesh window screens can efficiently block out light and heat in extremely hot climates.

Install an Awning

Awnings are not only a stylish addition to any home, but they are also practical, providing shelter from the sun and other elements. With so many different styles available, there is sure to be an awning that will fit your needs and taste.

Window Tint Treatment

If you want a way to get deep sleep and block out light entirely, use a window cling. They are easier to apply and remove than curtains, foil, or cardboard—and they work just as well!

A window tint film profile is skinny and can drape over a window more snugly, creating darkness in a room. By applying the film to windows where privacy is needed, you can also stop unwanted UV rays and keep a room at a comfortable temperature.

The cordless blackout window shades are not only safe but also provide a clean look for your window by preventing cords from hanging and creating clutter. To keep this easy-to-install shade looking its best, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth on occasion. Additionally, the spring system makes lowering and raising this shade incredibly simple.

Applying Aluminum or Cardboard

Adhering aluminum foil to your windowpanes provides more than just blocking out light; it also helps reduce your utility bills. Always be sure to adhere the foil correctly to prevent any unwanted damage.

By using aluminum foil to block out the light, you are utilizing a cheaper method than all of the other options. It is not only easy to find and use, but it will also reflect sunlight back into your room, keeping it cooler.

Curtain Liner

How to Block Light From Windows Without Curtains

In the event that we already have curtains, but they aren’t heavy enough to block out natural light or heat, opting for a curtain liner is always an option.

A curtain liner is a thinner, denser fabric curtain that is hung behind to absorb incoming light and heat. The fabric of the curtain liner is an important choice, as it can responsible for things like whether the curtains are lighter or heavier, more delicate or more durable. For example, fabrics like silk, tissue and velvet may give us a very chic look but they are also more delicate and can be easily damaged by heat.

Add Plants and Decorative Objects

Dimming a room can add some decoration while also increasing your home’s storage space by placing a shelf across your windows to hold books, plants, or knickknacks.

If you don’t want to put up a shelf, grey blackout fabric shade, consider placing a potted plant or two on your windowsill (if the size allows). Or, place a taller houseplant on the floor in front of the window. Some light will still filter through the leaves while most of it is blocked by the plants. Even better — combine this technique with window film, as many plants grow even better next to heat- and light-diffusing sun control films.

Final Thoughts on How to Block Light From Windows Without Curtains

Good night’s sleep and plenty of privacy are important, so it’s essential that we find effective ways to block too much natural light from windows without blackout pleated shade. Whether you decide to use a blackout shade, an awning, window tint treatment, aluminum or cardboard, curtain liners, plants and decorative objects, or any combination of these techniques, you should be able to achieve the privacy you need without creating total darkness.

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