How to Inspect a Home Garage?

Garages are not just where we store our cars. In fact, they can be a lot more than that. A garage is an investment and it’s important to know what you need before you buy one. Things like garage sizes in meters might factor into the decision-making process for some people. This blog post will give you tips on how to inspect a home garage so you can make sure it meets your needs!

Garage Doors

First, inspect the garage door to make sure it opens smoothly and is in good condition. Check for a single panel or roll-up sectional style of opening as well as any signs that indicate rusting springs or tracks on either side. A safety sensor mechanism used to prevent injuries should also be checked by placing an item like a broom handle into its path; if this happens, reverse direction immediately!

Foundation and Floors

If you notice water pooling in certain areas of the garage floor, this might mean that there is a leak or other problem with your foundation. You should take care to inspect all concrete surfaces for cracks and uneven slopes away from the house as these can be problematic when it comes time to winterize your home.

If you notice any weird pools of water on floors near where household cars are usually parked or stored, don’t panic! It could just be due to an issue with how levels slope around your property which needs some attention before further damage occurs.


If you want to make sure your garage is properly protected, have a close look at the roof framing and shingles. Cracked or rotted wood will let in water damage while sagging can mean that moisture from snow melt could be seeping into it.

Fire Safety

All doors leading from the garage into your house should have a minimum 20-minute fire-resistance rating. We recommend that there is another exit other than the door to get inside and out of your place, as well as one for getting in and out of any shared walls between you and others who might be living nearby. All exits must also come with drywall on both sides so that everything stays safe while venting ensures safety at all times too!

Evidence of Insects

The garage can be a haven for pests if you let it. Pests will often nest and create droppings in the corners of your garage, so keep an eye out when searching for pesticides to make sure that they’re not just stored there because of infestation on property!

Bottom Line

Inspecting a home garage is comprised of many different aspects. Don’t forget to inspect an important component especially if you have mobility vehicle adaptations. Make sure that it suits your needs best by putting some thought into what’s most useful and efficient within its confines, so make this part of the process one step easier!

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