How to Store Tupperware

How to store tupperware

Tupperware and food storage containers are a necessity in every home, so it’s crucial to know how to store Tupperware. Though they may be difficult to organize, Tupperware containers are essential. There are tons of different sizes, they can take up a lot of space, and there are all those pesky Tupperware lids that seem to get in the way. Despite their organizational challenges, using Tupperware containers is worth it.

Organizing silverware can be tricky, so people often just throw them in a drawer or cabinet where they become tangled and difficult to find.

It might seem like a minor thing, but organizing Tupperware and food storage containers effectively is one step that will save you a lot of time in the long run.

How to store tupperware

Add Pull-Out Drawers to Deep Cabinets

Keep your Tupperware easily accessible by adding some baskets or drawers that pull out. That way, you can slide the drawer right out and get to those plastic containers in the back without any hassle.

Group Similar Plastic Food Storage Containers Together

OK, this is where the real fun begins. Remember how you cleaned out all of your containers at the beginning of this process? That’s right. Make sure they’re all organized now. Separate your Tupperware for further study. Do you have a collection of identical-size or similar-brand containers? That’s fantastic; put them together.

Designate a Cupboard or Tupperware Drawer

You may use an entire cabinet for your food storage containers if you have a lot of room in your kitchen, or you might just have a single drawer. Make sure you dedicate one specific cabinet, shelf, or drawer to store your food storage containers (or lack thereof!).

Too frequently, I see individuals fill their Tupperware containers anywhere they can fit them. This is only followed by headaches and messes. If you need to rearrange your kitchen cabinets and drawers in order to keep your Tupperware in a certain location, go ahead and do it. It will be much easier to sort through your items later if everything is in the same area.

Hang Under-The-Shelf Storage Baskets for Extra Tupperware Storage Space

You can also hang storage shelves or baskets from the top of your cabinets if you’re wasting a lot of space at the top. If you have any tiny ones that would fit, use them instead!

Create Extra Shelves in Your Cupboard

If you don’t want to use an under-the-shelf storage basket but still want more space on your shelf, add little shelves for another level.

Invest in Stacking Containers

You don’t need identical, matching food storage containers from the same brand in order to organize your kitchen. Having mismatched Tupperware won’t hinder your organization endeavors. However, if you’re short on space, opt for stackable containers instead of traditional ones. This will free up some precious cabinet door and cabinet room. You can find a complete set like this¬†that allows you to nest your plastic storage containers and food storage container lids, saving you both time and space.

Grab a Tupperware Pegboard or Make One Yourself

Pegboards are a fantastic method to keep everything in its place. You may make room for your smaller Tupperware containers and have an outstanding method to keep all of the lids upright and categorized by size.

If you don’t want to buy one, you can certainly make your own. Simply get some pegboard and cut it down to the appropriate size; then decide where you want the pegs to go!

Why You Need To Learn How to Store Tupperware

Have you ever been in a bind and needed a food storage container for leftovers, but couldn’t locate it among the jumbled mix of containers? Or, perhaps worse, while looking for the ideal-sized container, you come across the appropriate lid but can’t seem to find it? It’s awful!

Not only will you save yourself time and energy later on, but you’ll also make your kitchen much more organized and make space clean by taking an hour or two to reorganize your food storage containers.

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