Our Programs

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We aim to create a caring environment with families, communities, service agencies and governments working together so that children can have a good beginning.

Good Beginnings provides proven services to families including those who are:

  • Isolated through economic, geographic, cultural circumstances or incarceration
  • Sufferering from post-natal depression
  • Experiencing difficulties which may disadvantage their children
  • Seeking to improve and build on their parenting skills

Within a strong framework Good Beginnings will

  • Develop and recommend models which enable easy access to local resources for parents and their children and generate increased opportunities to make decisions which result in families being strong and healthy
  • Develop and recommend models whereby communities reinforce the efforts of families to raise responsible, productive, confident, joyous children and where neighbours watch out for each other regardless of racial, ethnic, religious, cultural or socio-economic differences
  • Facilitate the development of strong linkages between institutions that serve children and their families to ensure that all levels of government and community-based organisations make children, youth and their families a priority
  • Develop a network of Good Beginnings Programs
  • Encourage an ongoing commitment by the community for the community