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  • Good Beginnings recognises families and communities are part of an ecological system influenced by social, economic, physical and cultural factors

  • Good Beginnings builds on strengths, existing knowledge and skills of families, volunteers and local communities

  • Good Beginnings programs focus on early intervention and prevention activities as the more effective way of supporting children and their families

  • Good Beginnings bases its planning and development on needs identified by local communities and agencies

  • Good Beginnings collaborates and generates partnerships with public and private agencies to improve support for families

  • Good Beginnings supports processes ensuring local ownership of all Good Beginnings Programs

  • Good Beginnings respects individuality of children, family members, volunteer and paid workers

  • Good Beginnings adopts a flexible, responsive approach in interactions and planning

  • Good Beginnings respects choices made by families, communities and agencies

  • Good Beginnings practices a family-centered approach, working alongside families, encouraging decision-making by families

  • Good Beginnings values the development and growth of all family members

  • Good Beginnings supports family independence

  • Good Beginnings provides information in a culturally sensitive manner

  • Good Beginnings values diversity

  • Good Beginnings develops relationships built on trust